Tim Tebow joins criticized QB fraternity

Tim Tebow isn't the first quarterback to be accused of running too much.

NABJ Member Roy S. Johnson comments on ESPN.com on how Tim Tebow joins the ranks of plenty of black quarterbacks who have faced the same questions and criticisms as the Broncos’ youngster.

Tim Tebow ought to go out and get a big ole tattoo. And have his ear pierced while he’s at it. (Better yet, some other much more intriguing body part.)

Heck, he might as well do something a few NFL owners (or at least one) seem to believe is associated with some fan-unfriendly aspect of black culture. Because the way he’s been talked about in recent weeks, you’d think the Denver Broncos’ third-string (or 2.5-string) quarterback was black.

“He can’t play. He can’t throw. … What [former Broncos coach] Josh McDaniels saw in him God only knows. Maybe God does know — because the rest of us don’t.” —Former NFL QB and current radio host Boomer Esiason 

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