Mayweather vs Ortiz Hype Rejuvenates Boxing Biz

It hasn’t been a sweet 16 months for Floyd Mayweather Jr. since his resounding win over an over-matched “Sugar” Shane Mosely in May 2010. Before long, his life became consumed by a furious combination of civil suits, domestic disturbances and criminal complaints. He’s the defendant in six civil and criminal cases and the most serious — a multiple felony case involving his ex-girlfriend, Josie Harris — could land him in jail for 34 years.

And at 34, Mayweather is in the twilight of his career. But what remains about as indisputable as his 25 knock outs is his status as the preeminent draw in all of boxing. Even with his personal life on the ropes, he is at once one of the sports most respected and reviled figures, an unlikely torchbearer in a sport giving way in terms of popularity and growth potential to mixed martial arts and the mammoth Ultimate Fighting Championship. While boxing certainly has young talent coming after him, he is, perhaps, the sport’s last great personality. Mayweather’s seven HBO PPV fights have generated 7 million pay-per-view buys.

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