13 Ways You Know You’re At The NABJ Convention

You know you’re at an NABJ convention when:

1. You see your favorite celebrity or journalist and you’re like:

2. At the Sports Task Force party you’re all like:



3.  Then there is the one person who gets a little too out of control at the NABSTF party and is like:

4. The morning after the Sports Task Force Party you’re like:

5. When your friend says he forgot his resumes and business cards you’re likeget yo life

6. On the first day, all the brothas walk in with new suits like:

7. And the ladies with the new ‘do on the first day are like:

8. When you walk into a workshop and discover there is free food you’re like:

9. You stalk recruiters in the hotel lobby like:

10. When recruiters take your resume/reel and put it in the “good pile” you’re like:

11. When you send follow-up emails to recruiters each day you’re like:

12. At the gospel brunch you’re all like:

13. After a whole weekend of partying, networking and learning, when someone asks you if you’re going to NABJ 2014 you’re like:


Mike Wells to ESPN.com


Mike Wells, a longtime Indianapolis Star Pacers writer, will leave the midwest paper to join ESPN.com to cover the Indianapolis Colts.

John Henry Smith leaving CSNBA, heading to Al Jazeera


(from bayareasportsguy) There wasn’t much news on the Golden State Warriors front at the NBA Draft Media Gathering in Oakland, at least through the first 25 picks of the first round. However, John Henry Smith was busy making the rounds and saying his goodbyes. Smith, who came to CSN Bay Area from Fox 8 WVUE in New Orleans in 2011, told folks he’s headed to New York to work for Al Jazeera.

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Neal Scarborough joins Al Jazeera America


As a 20-year veteran journalist it’s no surprise that Neal Scarborough is leading Al Jazeera’s move into American sports media as the Senior Executive of Sport. Scarborough is no stranger to startups and will surely lead the organization to success.