13 Ways You Know You’re At The NABJ Convention

You know you’re at an NABJ convention when:

1. You see your favorite celebrity or journalist and you’re like:

2. At the Sports Task Force party you’re all like:



3.  Then there is the one person who gets a little too out of control at the NABSTF party and is like:

4. The morning after the Sports Task Force Party you’re like:

5. When your friend says he forgot his resumes and business cards you’re likeget yo life

6. On the first day, all the brothas walk in with new suits like:

7. And the ladies with the new ‘do on the first day are like:

8. When you walk into a workshop and discover there is free food you’re like:

9. You stalk recruiters in the hotel lobby like:

10. When recruiters take your resume/reel and put it in the “good pile” you’re like:

11. When you send follow-up emails to recruiters each day you’re like:

12. At the gospel brunch you’re all like:

13. After a whole weekend of partying, networking and learning, when someone asks you if you’re going to NABJ 2014 you’re like: