Day in the Life: Jemele Hill

ESPN Front Row followed around our very own Jemele Hill. Also check out Shannon Cross hosting. 


Very few people get a chance to earn a living doing what they love, but columnist Jemele Hill is one of them.

Hill, whose primary job is as an columnist, has repeatedly demonstrated why she deserves a place on ESPN TV shows like Around the HornESPN’s First Take and The Sports Reporters. Recently, she has also begun a weekly digital opinion series titled “Hold That Thought,” which can be found here. In addition, you can catch up on Jemele’s prior writing by clicking here.

As a reporter covering everything from the Olympics to the World Cup, Hill’s sports acumen is tested on a daily basis.

Her colleague Skip Bayless considers Hill, “one of the toughest debaters to face on First Take.”

With multiple shows to juggle, columns to write and video commentaries to tape – not to mention a long distance commute from her home in Orlando – how does Jemele get it all done in a day?

Check out the video above to see what a recent January day was like for Hill on air.

The video below provides a bit more behind-the-scenes access and fun.



Profile: ESPN, CNN journalist LZ Granderson

Granderson Profile

On a recent airplane flight, a college student asked LZ Granderson, “Excuse me — are you LZ Granderson?”

She asked for his autograph and then to pose for a photo with him.

“Then everybody else on the plane thought, ‘Shoot — he must be somebody. I’ll get my picture taken with him, too,’” Granderson recalls with a laugh. “I know I got my picture taken with a bunch of people who had no idea who I was.”

Who is he?

An award-winning journalist for ESPN and CNN, Granderson — keen observer and genuine nice guy — produces words people feel compelled to read.


SJI welcomes its 20th class

The Sports Journalism Institute is set to welcome its 20th class this summer in Columbia, Mo. A group of seven men and four women (seven African-Americans, two Asian-Americans and two Latinos) make up the Class of 2012, which will be in residence at the University of Missouri School of Journalism from June 1-9, after which students will move on to internships around the country.

The work experience that awaits the Class of 2012 is as diverse as the class, with interns placed at APSE-member newspapers,, and the Wall Street Journal. And while the WSJ will be hosting its first SJI intern, the Houston Chronicle will be hosting its 20th—yes, the Chronicle has been part of the SJI family since Day 1. This year, the paper is one of two (The Virginian Pilot is the other) that will host an intern chosen through APSE’s partnership with Scripps Howard, which provides students with a stipend that pays their summer expenses.

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